Our Basic Loan Guarantee product focuses on providing credit guarantees for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that lack sufficient loan collateral. Eligible SMEs can apply directly through our partnered banks, provided they agree to the guarantee terms and meet the lending criteria set by our partner institutions.

Type Of Loan

Investment loan
Working capital loan
Maximum Loan AmountAs per the terms of the bank loan
Loan Term

As per the terms of the bank loan

Interest RateAs per the terms of the bank loan
Guarantee AmountUp to 60% of the loan
Maximum Guarantee Amount500 million MNT
Service Charge10,000 MNT
Guarantee Fee (1 Time)Up to 1 year - 1%
Up to 2 years - 2%

More than 2 years - 3%


Required documents:

·         Official letter from the bank, along with relevant documents and conclusions.

·         Proof of being a small and medium enterprise

·         Additional materials as requested by the Fund.

·         Receipt of service fee payment.


Disqualifying factors:

•         Non-performing and overdue loans and guarantees,

•          The loan is specifically intended to close the previous loan.

The previous loan must be utilized by the borrower for their own business. However, the transfer of less than 75% of the current guaranteed loan is exempt from this requirement.

•           Lack of fixed address of permanent residence.

•           Failure to utilize a previously received project loan for its intended purpose.

•           Refusal to provide additional information requested by the fund.

•          Submission of false documents.